Community, Traditions and Events

Student life at Bethany Christian School encompasses reflection, exploration, discovery, self-discovery, and engagement in a vibrant community. Our community, traditions and events intentionally encompass various ways to complement learning in the classroom in various settings.

With caring attentiveness, we encourage frisson, or the sensation of excitement, emotion and surprise. The presence of others in community is one element of Bethany Christian School’s excellence in enabling students to reach their unique potential in Christ. To that end, we have established these goals:

  • To instill within each person a sense of personal worth as a unique creation of God
  • To promote and honor wholesome personal relationships through a respect for and an acceptance of one another in Christian love
  • To provide an environment that intentionally allows for gathering in community to actively live out God’s greatest commandment; to love God, each other and ourselves

Each day at Bethany Christian School starts with the morning opening where faculty, staff, students, and parents gather to start the day with our Lord in community with each other.

Our school Spirit days, field trips, Turtle Tuesdays, Annual Turtle Race, County Fair Thursdays, Grandparents Day, apple pie fundraiser, eighth grade Disneyland trip, science camp, spiritual emphasis week, dinner theater, Christmas programs, Donuts for Dad, Mom’s Meet and Greet, and talent shows are some of the ways we gather to embrace our goals.

We look forward to meeting you so we are able to share in more depth our belief that community, traditions and events are vital elements in establishing foundational values and learning. To schedule a tour, please call our office at (480) 752-8993 or email us at