At Bethany Christian School, we believe that God has created all children to be naturally curious about their world and that they are ready to learn. A direct instruction model is used as the basis of instruction, focusing on the interactions between teachers and students, and students with students. Students are actively engaged in absorbing knowledge through participation in discussions, activities, projects, and assignments. Please click here to view our curriculum overview.


Elementary Mathematics

The elementary math program at BCS provides an excellent foundation from which to transition to middle school math. Kindergarten through 2nd grade program utilizes Purposeful Design and 3rd through 5th grade program utilizes Scott Foresman – Addison Wesley Mathematics. The elementary program focuses on developing students’ conceptual understanding and skills through step-by-step instruction. The focus is on key ideas in mathematics and on the rich problem-solving lessons that build the reading and writing skills necessary for powerful problem-solving. The text is supplemented by the teachers’ use of Smart Boards that allows for active participation and guided practice in the learning process. Discover Streaming film clips are also used to demonstrate concepts such as money and fractions. Skill-based math classes, based upon individualized assessment of a student’s level of mastery, allows BCS students to be challenged while meeting their instructional needs.


  • Utilization of a challenging math curriculum with increasing levels of focus on problem-solving, including the requirement of answers in sentence form
  • Daily comprehensive reviews to ensure comprehension
  • Skill-based grouping that allows students to work at their individual skill level
  • Appropriate class sizes that allow for more individualized attention and better student achievement
  • Utilization of Smart Boards, manipulatives, and a variety of enrichment activities that supplement the program and meets student needs
  • Strong emphasis on the mastery of foundational math facts

Middle School Mathematics

The middle school math program at BCS uses Glencoe Mathematics: Applications and Concepts, and our instruction includes Algebra and Geometry. This program is a research-validated, standards-based curriculum that has a focus on skills as well as real life problem-solving. Glencoe Mathematics Diagnostic and Placement Tests are utilized to determine a student’s level of mastery of mathematics. If students have not mastered the class just completed, they are encouraged to repeat it to gain mastery. The overall assessment and mastery process allows accelerated students to complete both Geometry and Algebra 2 before graduation.


  • Glencoe Mathematics that is specifically designed for middle school students
  • Individualized placement of students in classes
  • Appropriate class sizes that allow for more individualized attention and better student achievement
  • Highly personalized math curriculum that allows course order and placement
  • Online support study tools
  • Students exhibit math skill mastery that exceeds high school readiness

Elementary Reading

At BCS, we believe effective reading skills are crucial in preparing students to be lifelong learners, and to develop the habit of reading. The three critical components of reading are fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. Each of these components supports the other, weaving together to build a solid foundation of linguistic understanding for the students. As the level of difficulty of reading material increases with each grade, students advance their work on fluency, vocabulary and comprehension.

Direct instruction blends literature books and basal readers/anthologies, following a flexible structure each week that includes introducing a book (or several chapters in a book), making predictions, vocabulary presentation, silent reading, partner reading, discussing comprehension questions, and then writing answers in complete sentences. A key component of the reading program is partner interaction that promotes fluency and comprehension.

Students are asked to read at home each night to improve reading fluency, as well as to explore a variety of reading genres. Additionally, students visit the library regularly and select books from the annual book fair. Students complete several book reports each year, which allows them to hone public speaking skills as they share what they learned, and to encourage classmates to read.


  • Format of instruction promotes love of reading in students
  • Students are exposed to a variety of genres
  • Consistency in the format of instruction throughout the grades that promotes mastery of fluency, vocabulary and comprehension
  • Exceptional student ability to demonstrate comprehension in writing
  • Skill-based grouping that allows students to be challenged to read at their level
  • Development of higher level, critical-thinking skills through challenging discussions of the books (Bloom’s Taxonomy)
  • Opportunities for students to explore the characters’ choices, compare them to God’s Word, and assess whether good or poor choices were made

Middle School Literature

Students are grouped together by grade level instead of reading level, and learn several forms of literature. Instruction is largely based on Prentice Hall Literature anthologies, with lessons structured around six themes: truth, conflict, knowledge, communication, self-image, and communities/relationships. In addition to Prentice Hall, several novels are also incorporated at each grade level.


  • Introduction to a variety of genres and use of spiritual discernment in reading
  • Mastery of higher level, critical-thinking skills through challenging discussions of the books (Bloom’s Taxonomy)
  • Students exhibit Language Arts skills that exceeds high school readiness

Language Arts

We believe teaching students to communicate, both orally and in writing, is a crucial life skill, therefore, emphasis is placed on language arts that includes spelling, phonics, language, grammar, writing, handwriting, speaking, and listening.

As a strategy for reading, students in Kindergarten through 2nd grade receive phonics and spelling instruction. They learn to master the six types of syllables and learn to encode and decode words with similar letter patterns at the same time. Beyond 2nd grade, phonics is integrated into reading and writing, along with spelling, language, grammar and writing.

Students work to master various forms of writing, based on a specific purpose, using Thinking Maps: Write from the Beginning and Beyond in order to become effective communicators and influential Christians. Oral book reports, sharing Bible verses in chapels, and other sharing opportunities exist to reinforce public speaking.


  • An excellent foundation for reading and writing skills for students provided by integration of phonics and spelling
  • Balanced integration of subjects within language arts
  • A Beka texts for Language and Grammar provide for continuity of skills presentation and student mastery of the skills


BCS uses texts from A Beka and Bob Jones University Press as the foundation for our history curriculum through a comprehensive program that integrates history and geography in all grade levels. Biblical truth is seamlessly integrated as historical events are presented in the context of Christianity and are interpreted from a Christian point of view.


  • Students view history events in light of God’s plan for Creation
  • Comprehensive teaching of world history and American history
  • Opportunities provided for students at all grade levels to demonstrate mastery of content through projects


BCS uses texts from Bob Jones University Press as the foundation for our science curriculum at all grades, thereby providing continuity of instruction. Biblical integration is seamless and concepts are introduced within the context of creation, especially in the younger grades. All major science topics are introduced in 1st through 6th grade, and then developed in detail in the later grades through individual science projects and a Middle School Science Fair.


  • Students learn science from a Biblical perspective
  • The theory of evolution is discussed in light of Biblical Truth
  • Scientific method is taught throughout the grades
  • Opportunities for hands-on activities and experiments are provided


Students are engaged in prayer and Bible instruction every day. They learn at the feet of their teachers in the same way those who traveled with Jesus learned, using the Bible, God’s Word, as the foundation for all instruction. Throughout all grades, curriculum materials published by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) are used to support Bible study and personal application. Students memorize a Bible verse each week, and learn key elements of biblical truth through hands-on activities and meaningful discussion.


  • Thorough and comprehensive Bible instruction
  • Application of Biblical principles for life are built on a solid foundation of Bible knowledge
  • Active, daily modeling for students of personal relationships with Christ by teachers and staff
  • Developmentally appropriate, worshipful and relevant weekly chapels
  • A vibrant morning opening that starts each day with a focus on prayer and worship

Fine Arts

Believing Fine Arts to have a lasting impact on students, we strive to provide a balanced program that will enrich students throughout their lives. Elementary students will receive weekly instruction in music, while middle school students have the option of choosing music as an elective.

Our program includes general music concepts, music theory, performance and appreciation of music. Together, students learn to read music and play music in harmony. Students in Kindergarten through 5th grade perform an annual Christmas Program that includes singing, dancing and acting. The program is a highlight of the year.

BCS hosts a Variety Show each spring in order for students of all grades to explore performance. Students audition and rehearse with the music teacher.

Students are introduced to art masters in order to learn the history, elements, and mediums of art. They are given the opportunity to explore and create using the knowledge and skills of art that they have acquired. Student artwork is displayed in the art room and throughout the school.


  • Singular use art room with adequate workspace
  • Standard curriculum for Kindergarten through 5th grade includes music and art
  • Annual Elementary Christmas Program has attained a reputation that reflects a high standard of excellence
  • Students acquire a broad background in music, providing the foundation to move on to additional pursuits in high school
  • Enhanced instruction through use of Smart Board technology in the music room

Physical Education

At BCS, we believe that fitness is important to promote health in all students. Our full time PE teacher also oversees the after-school sports program. PE classes are designed to focus on a wide range of activities that are developmentally appropriate for students, in order to increase their skill development and rules for basic games that encourage lifelong fitness. Students are taught sharing, sportsmanship and fair play during PE classes.


  • Promotion of health and fitness through a wide variety of activities
  • Large, air-conditioned Multi-purpose Room
  • Regulation-sized Sport Court with a digital, wireless scoreboard
  • Classroom instruction and modeling of good sportsmanship and conflict resolution


Believing that excellent computer skills are essential for today’s students, BCS has a state-of-the-art computer lab that contains 29 computers. Computer instruction begins in 1st grade and continues through 8th grade, starting with basic knowledge of computers and keyboarding. As students progress, they learn the Microsoft suite of software and Desktop Publisher. Tablets are used in Kindergarten through 3rd grade as instructional tools to enhance learning.

Teachers and office staff members utilize computers for prompt communication between staff members, as well as with families. All staff members utilize the RenWeb school management software. Parents are encouraged to log in to RenWeb to check their children’s progress and access the directory of information, including the school calendar of events, forms, handbooks and manuals.

All classrooms contain Smart Boards and projectors. Utilization of Discovery Streaming supplements and enriches lessons across the spectrum of subjects. Additionally, document cameras are used to share images through the Smart Boards.


  • State-of-the-art computer lab
  • Smart Boards and projectors in every classroom
  • Tablets in the younger elementary grades
  • Wireless high-speed Internet throughout the campus
  • RenWeb offers parents information 24 hours per day regarding attendance, grades, lesson plans, calendars, email communication

Middle School Electives

Please visit Electives for details about our middle school electives.


  • Variety of offerings available to students
  • Award-winning Yearbook program
  • Outstanding Performing Arts and Worship Team
  • Leadership opportunities provided through Student Council and Spiritual Discipleship
  • Real world application of life skills

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