Bethany Christian School strives to teach students how to listen to, walk with, and be more like Christ. Spiritual goals and adherence to a standard of conduct appropriate for Christ followers support our teaching.

Spiritual Goals

  • To encourage each student to come into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, honoring Him as Lord and Savior
  • To teach the Bible as the Word of God, a guide for daily living and loving
  • To teach students the basic principles of the Christian faith, including the skills for sharing and defending their faith with others
  • To be empowered by the Holy Spirit and lead a life that demonstrates the fruits of the Spirit
  • To be actively involved in a church community serving God and others

Standard of Conduct

  • To walk in Christian love
  • To be prudent in matters that may have harmful consequences to self or others
  • To exercise care and watchfulness over others
  • To pray with and for others, sharing burdens, sorrows and joys
  • To be thoughtful and courteous to others, to be slow to take offense, and be quick to forgive and to seek forgiveness
  • To guard purity as a witness of Christian love
  • To allow the Holy Spirit to enable us to accomplish the work of the school and to use our school as a witness of God’s love
  • To engage regularly in corporate worship, Bible Study, and prayer
  • To set an example of the highest Christian virtue and personal decorum
  • To serve as a Christian role model both in and out of school

To learn more or to schedule a tour, please call our office at (480) 752-8993 or email us at info@bethanychristianschool.org.