Governing Board

The affairs of Bethany Christian Schools, Inc. are conducted and controlled by its Board of Directors (also referred to as the school board or the governing board). The school board has the sole power and authority, among other responsibilities, to adopt, amend, or rescind bylaws for the corporation and to fill vacancies in any offices and in board membership. Members serve for a term of three years, and at any given point in time the board consists of not fewer that seven nor more than thirteen members. Qualifications of board members include having a clear testimony of faith in Jesus Christ, being in agreement with the school’s doctrinal statement, and ability and follow through of servant leadership.

All rights, powers and responsibilities of Bethany Christian Schools, Inc. are vested in the school board and as such, the board exercises powers of the corporation and performs all lawful acts and functions permitted by statute or by the Articles of Incorporation. In addition to the prudent exercise of these powers, functions served by the school board include:

  • Select, oversee and formally evaluate the school’s administration
  • Support and encourage the school’s staff
  • Develop and implement policy
  • Develop and communicate the vision of the school
  • Serve and protect the school’s mission and core values
  • Facilitate and participate in fund raising
  • Ensure financial solvency and integrity, and approve annual budget
  • Evaluate and improve itself as a governing board

Board of Directors

Mark Bare, President

Wydale Holmes, Vice President

Sharon Cochran, Secretary

Christy Nebeker, Treasurer

Harold Bliss

Brad Duvall

Phil James

Mike Keller

Garrick Taylor

Dr. Jonathan Bergloff

You can email the board at