Individualized Tutoring

At Bethany Christian School, we believe that all people are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14). Also, because Jesus said so, we believe we are indispensable to the body of Christ (I Cor. 12:21-27).

Our mission extends beyond students who thrive in a more traditional learning environment. In concert with our unique skill-based grouping, we recognize the need for an individualized learning program for students with additional needs outside of the classroom.

Every student at Bethany Christian School is special. We offer a fee-based tutoring program on campus in a room designed with an ideal learning environment. Individualized academic plans are created for those students enrolled in the program. Specific learning requirements are identified that establish parameters for the development and implementation of a modified curriculum for the student. One-on-one multi-sensory teaching and testing methods guide the scope of assignments and alternative testing methods to assess progress. Parents are fully informed of their child’s progress through daily teacher/parent communication.

Through this program offering, we are able to provide academic assistance for a student with needs ranging from a single session review before a classroom test, to daily help with multiple subjects for the year. Our goal is to provide our superior Christian education experience for not only the traditional learners, but for children with alternative learning styles as well.

For more information about our tutoring program, please contact Stephanie Pursley at (480) 752-7913 or