Philosophy and Goals


Athletics, rightly understood as an integral part of education, complements our greater mission at Bethany Christian School.

Participation in developmentally appropriate and logical progression of learning activities to throw, catch, jump and kick provide our students physical activities that contribute to a sustainable healthy lifestyle. Lessons of commitment, teamwork, tenacity and overcoming adversity are advanced in our overall athletic program and offer our students opportunities to experience great life lessons.

Our program strengthens the larger community of Bethany Christian School as cohesive relationships are developed among our parents and coaches as they support and coach their children.

Recognizing that a natural part of competing is a desire to win, we measure success by the effort and actions of each participant. It is our desire that our athletic community – coaches, players and parents – participate in such a way that honors God and conveys a positive witness to those around us.  Emphasis is placed on the importance of character building, commitment, responsibility, hard work, sportsmanship, and teamwork.


Based on our philosophy, our athletic program goals are:

  • To provide well-grounded instruction of fundamental skill areas
  • To provide coaches who demonstrate an ability to manage a quality structured program
  • To emphasize and model character development in the areas of fair play, teamwork, selflessness, integrity, and respect
  • To provide league, non-league and tournament game opportunities

Team Level Philosophy

We recognize the normal stages of a child’s development and strive to provide appropriate opportunities in athletics. To that end, students are provided the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports at various levels of competition.

The creation and size of teams is determined by many factors, such as the level of interest by students, availability of facilities, and coaching resources.

Elementary Intramural Sports (Grades K-5):

  • Mighty Cats is an after-school co-ed intramural program that provides beginner level competition in a fun, highly successful environment.
  • Players rotate in and out of play based on a number system and will play an equal amount of time.

Feeder Program (Grades 5-6):

  • The feeder program provides beginner to intermediate level of competition which will best prepare the individual for the next level of competition.
  • Teams compete with other private or charter schools independent of a league.
  • It provides fundamental principles of team offense and defense.
  • Players dressed for play receive balanced opportunities to play in the game.

 Competitive Program (Grades 6-8):

  • The competitive program provides an intermediate to more advanced level of competition in order to prepare students for high school competition.
  • Emphasis is placed on fundamental skill instruction that focuses on team offense and defense strategies.jv boys bball
  • Placement on the team is based on skill and ability in order to achieve the best competitive advantage possible.
  • Teams compete in the Valley Christian Schools League. The league mission statement reads: “This league exists to develop middle school-athletics, who strive to develop character, sportsmanship and life-lessons through competitive sports.”
  • Based upon interest level in any given sport and availability of coaches and facilities, we strive to offer the same sports offered by the league for competition.
  • Our policy, as well as that of the league, is that a player dressed to play receives an opportunity to play in non-tournament games. During tournament play, we still attempt to have each player play at some point during the game.


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