Philosophy and Goals

Our Philosophy

At Bethany Christian School, we believe education opens the doors of opportunity. Accordingly, we teach the skills for effective comprehension, communication, and computation. We strive to stimulate independent, creative and critical thinking, and an appreciation of lifelong learning.

Meeting the needs of the whole child is foundational to our philosophy. Our program is carefully designed to develop each student’s full potential in an environment where cooperation, hard work and respect for individual differences are valued.

Students thrive in small classes taught by experienced, passionate and caring teachers. The academic program integrates a deep, sequential course of study, with integration of art, music, Spanish, and physical education. State-of-the-art technology supports the academic program at every grade level. The result is a coherent school experience that advances the school’s mission “to lead each student toward a relationship with Jesus Christ and encourage each one to reach his or her unique potential in Christ – academically, spiritually, socially, physically, and creatively.”

Bethany Christian School teaches to a diversity of interests and learning styles and encourages the development of study and planning skills along with mastery of content. The curriculum is rigorous; however, small class size allows our teachers to know students very well. Additionally, the teaching of values, conflict resolution, and other proactive behavioral management skills help to create a safe learning community where students feel free to take risks, both emotionally and academically.

Academic Goals

  • To teach the skills for effective comprehension, communication, and computation
  • To offer curriculum which will provide a thorough foundation for each student’s academic future
  • To stimulate independent, creative and critical thinking and an appreciation of lifelong learning
  • To help the students recognize, in every area of study, the revelation of God in creation and in God’s Word, the Bible
  • To develop in each student a Christian perspective of the world we come from and an appreciation for literature, arts and culture


Assessment is important at Bethany Christian School and is performed in a variety of ways. Formative or authentic assessments, such as oral and written responses, individual and group projects, skits, or anecdotal observations all inform our teachers as to how students process information. Summative assessments, such as end of chapter tests and exams, are also utilized. Teachers award grades quarterly with expansive narrative comments. Parent conferences supplement frequent incidental contact between the school and home.

We utilize the TerraNova3 achievement test program provided by the Association of Christian School International (ACSI), our accrediting body.

TerraNova 3 is one of the most respected and widely used achievement tests, measuring mastery in the core subjects. Its design is fresh and its content is current. The diagnostic tools provide a framework for reporting and collaboration with parents. The tools also guide us toward continuous improvement in the excellence of our program.

Our testing approach provides a standardized national norm with the average national score being at the 50th percentile. Bethany Christian School students consistently score well above this average, with scores ranging from the 65th percentile to the 93rd percentile. Click here to see our recent results.

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