Whenever we are considering taking a different path or making a major decision for our future, hearing from those who have traveled similar paths and have made those decisions is both heartening and helpful. Reading these testimonials, you will catch a glimpse of the heart of the school.

Hear these voices from students, parents, and teachers of Bethany Christian School:

Bethany Christian is fully vested in your child, both academically and spiritually. The individual attention your child gets at this school is priceless. We wanted our children to be in an environment where other children and their families have similar morals and values as our own. We have found that at Bethany. We are truly blessed to have our children at this wonderful school. – DeAnna, Current Bethany Christian School Parent

Our family feels incredibly blessed to be able to send our son to Bethany Christian School. We didn’t know what to expect switching from public to private school, but right away we knew we had made a great decision. I feel such relief knowing that my son is receiving not only a great education, but that he gets to learn about Christ while doing so. You will not find a better system of teachers and parents working together for the sole purpose of providing a great Christian education. – Sara, Current Bethany Christian School Parent

We LOVE this school! We have been at Bethany Christian School for three years and could not be happier. The education is amazing, and the test results and school rankings show that, but we love Bethany Christian School because of the Truth that is taught there. We send our three sons to school knowing they are safe. They are taught the Truth and loved by their teachers. One day, I got a call from the nurse and she said that one of my sons visited her, and as she walked him back to his classroom, she prayed. Knowing that my son is so loved that not only his teacher prays for him, but also his sweet school nurse, blesses me. He is in loving hands. The Bethany Christian School community is also wonderful. My sons have wonderful friends and we have become close with other parents. I recommend this school 100%. – Jamie, Current Bethany Christian School Parent

We researched quite a variety of schools when first choosing Bethany Christian School, seven years ago. Two specific aspects caused Bethany Christian School to rise to the top in our school search. First, it offers excellent academics with a built-in method to address the educational needs of low, high or grade level students. This was significant in our decision, as we knew our children would receive an outstanding education that was geared to them. Seven years later, I am thrilled to say both our children are in math classes a full year ahead of their actual grade-level. The second overriding reason we selected Bethany Christian School was due to God being part of all aspects of the school. The teachers and staff not only teach about God during the Bible portion of class, but also in all other parts of the day. Bethany Christian School is filled to the brim with staff who love Jesus and love kids. That love translates into a school seeking Jesus in all they do while offering a caring environment. When we selected Bethany all those years ago, I had no idea that just four years into our journey at this school, I would join the staff as a first grade teacher. Now looking at Bethany Christian School from the inside out, I am all the more convinced we made the correct decision in our school selection. Our two children are receiving an excellent education in an environment that fosters spiritual growth in an outstanding school community. – April, Current Bethany Christian School Parent and Teacher

Bethany Christian School has blessed our family for the past 15 years! Each of our three children have attended Bethany Christian School for 1st through 8th grade. In the years our children have attended Bethany they have grown academically, socially and spiritually. We are impressed by the  teachers, administration and the board. We are grateful for the quality education our children continue to receive at Bethany Christian School. – Char and Mark, Former Bethany Christian School Parents

My time as a student at Bethany Christian School as a fourth grader through the eighth grade was a well-rounded and valuable learning experience.  I enjoyed the small class sizes, and the faculty and staff were excellent.  My time at Bethany Christian School prepared me academically for the future, and I am very grateful for the time I spent at the school. – Isaiah, Former Bethany Christian School Student

Each teacher has their own way of letting you know that you matter, you are loved, and there is a great plan for your life. – Shelby, Former Bethany Christian School Student

Bethany gave me the tools I needed to have a great relationship with God. My relationship with God has strengthened so much throughout the short time I’ve had here and I can’t imagine my life without it. – Emily, Former Bethany Christian School Student

Bethany Christian School is not just a school; it’s a community. Each classroom provides a different learning experience. Since you are loved by each teacher, it helps you strive better academically and spiritually. – Brianna, Former Bethany Christian School Student