Volunteer Opportunities

Bethany Christian School has vibrant volunteerism. We believe there is no higher calling than when a person gives of their own knowledge, skills, time or resources. Our wonderful families understand that volunteering is about giving, contributing, and helping others within our school community. Our school’s culture understands the value of volunteering is deep, fulfilling and vital for our school.

Volunteer opportunities at Bethany Christian School are rich and diverse. We invite parents to participate in the school life to better understand and support their child’s learning experiences by being involved in the classroom, participating in school-wide and fundraising events, driving on field trips and to sports activities, assisting with campus beautification efforts, and serving on committees or on the school board.

Volunteering affords opportunities for you to get to know other parents and to stay involved with your child’s educational activities. We also encourage grandparents, alums, and former parents to participate and attend school events such as our music performances, athletic events and graduation.

We deeply appreciate all who have volunteered in the past, continue to volunteer, and who will lend a hand in the future.

To learn more about volunteering at Bethany Christian School, please contact Coy Seabrooke at (480) 752-8993 or cseabrooke@bethanychristianschool.org.